Carrer Dels Horts  Holidays House in Alghero

City of Alghero

Alghero the catalan city of sardinia, here it's holiday all the year!

Alghero is a characteristic fortified small town on the sea, located in a wonderful bay called Coral Riviera which is articulated by picturesque succession of huge sandy shores, cliffs, caves, little creeks, pinewoods and Mediterranean bush, on a wide feature of the north-west coast of Sardinia. 

Alghero (in Catalan, l'Alguer) takes the name in roman age (Algariun) because of the diffused presence of poseidonia in its depth, which is an important biological indicator of the health of the sea. The main resource of the city is the local, national and international tourism, this last is in strong upturn in the latest few years thanks to the new routes of the new Low Cost companies that directly link up Hahn (Frankfurt), Girona (Barcelona), Stansted (London) to Fertilia (Alghero) airport.

The more and more winning fares shorten the geographic and also consequently cultural distances, above all between European countries creating, by now for little money, a really interesting opportunity of travelling from a cheap point of view. The progressive increase of the tourist demands stimulates Alghero's citizens to think about alternative ways of accommodation to the traditional ones, as the diffuse hotel and a holiday house; ways of accommodation

more and more qualified from the point of view of the services that they offers, and the convenience that, gathered to the opportunities offered by low cost flights, the holiday in Alghero is really reasonable for everybody, not only for the richer ones, but especially for young people.

We know the nature of the tourism spirit is the curiosity and the pleasure of discover in first person the places and the habits, as the culture and the lifestyles that we don't know or we have just listened about, for these reasons we'll follow the rule, not written but dictated from the good sense, not to suggest a sort of guided tour in Alghero in these pages.

Indeed we think that the choice of a holiday house involves a sense of more freedom and independence than a traditional accommodation like hotels, but also regarding most recent bed-and-breakfast and not only in the way to inhabit a place but also in the way of living it. 

Casa vacanze is your own house everywhere. Carrel dels Horts is your home in Alghero. We let you the pleasure of discover the city, with your walk and your sensibility. For who has not already known Alghero, in these pages there are links external to institutional sites and of general interest about the city. However we consider important to underline that the tourist success of Alghero is not only for its landscape; it is not only for the beauty of the sea, of its coasts , on the importance of its "Territory Museum", on the fascination of its historical centre. 

Alghero means also great religiousness testified by the architecture and the sacred art of its churches and by the traditions and the evocative rituals that shows the great lead between Alghero citizens and the cathedral in which chapels there are all the corporations of arts and trades of the city (gremis).

Alghero is also archaeology: in its territory there are two important villages of nuraghi and several hypogeum necropolis (3500-1800 b.C.).

Alghero is unique and unrepeatable history that it is possible to live again following the original urban planning through via Catalana and via delle Torri. Alghero is also great festivals and shows in the open air, among August holiday and New Year's Eve (Cap d'Any), characterized by artistic guests of international importance and always followed by spectacular fireworks on the sea. New Year's Eve is organized by the councillorship of Tourism, Performance, Events and Spare Time of Alghero, which offers in these years new ways that favour anyway the travelling performance in the city centre with street artists, entertainment, jazz but also shows in theatres and on the fascinating stage of the ancient Catalan village.