Carrer Dels Horts  Holidays House in Alghero

Alghero the catalan city of sardinia, here it's holiday all the year!

Alghero is a characteristic fortified small town on the sea, located in a wonderful bay called Coral Riviera which is articulated by picturesque succession of huge sandy shores, cliffs, caves, little creeks, pinewoods and Mediterranean bush, on a wide feature of the north-west coast of Sardinia. 

Alghero (in Catalan, l'Alguer) takes the name in roman age (Algariun) because of the diffused presence of poseidonia in its depth, which is an important biological indicator of the health of the sea. The main resource of the city is the local, national and international tourism, this last is in strong upturn in the latest few years thanks to the new routes of the new Low Cost companies that directly link up Hahn (Frankfurt), Girona (Barcelona), Stansted (London) to Fertilia (Alghero) airport.

The more and more winning fares shorten the geographic and also consequently cultural distances, above all between European countries creating, by now for little money, a really interesting opportunity of travelling from a cheap point of view. The progressive increase of the tourist demands stimulates Alghero's citizens to think about alternative ways of accommodation to the traditional ones, as the diffuse hotel and a holiday house; ways of accommodation

Shopping and curiosity through the historical centre

Going shopping in Alghero it is not only an undeniable, as obvious, consumer element but also an entertainment chance, the discovery of the city, its shops, the diversified offer of local production in several areas of handicrafts.. However, thanks to summer timetables of shops, shopping can be seen as an opportunity for the endless evenings in the open air, tasting

The "Semana Santa" in Alghero

The particular history of Alghero is connected to the Catalan culture, which go back to 1501, when a colony of aragoneses settled in the city, that reflects on the popular shows and the religious rituals. The whole city participates with great fervour at the strongly evocative Easter Celebration, which has Spanish origin.

A wooden statue of Christ is exhibited for the devoted faithfuls. Women,

Tradition and innovation in the Catalan cuisine

Sardinian cuisine is simple and fine at the same time; essentially based on a Mediterranean gastronomic tradition. Alghero , which has collected influences from several cultures in different ages in this area of Sardinia, adds to these also the Catalan tradition. Alghero’s cuisine is extremely tasty, especiallyfor those who loves fish, it comes from a tradition based